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What is a feel-good brand?

About us

Feel-Good Brands was formed in 2015 by agency partners, Andy and Paul from The Food Brand Guys™. As a branding and creative agency, we’d spent many years helping brands to maximise their profits and satisfy shareholders. Our shared passion for purpose-driven brands prompted us to refocus our efforts and set-up a non-profit initiative that helps to support the brands that really inspire us.

It started as a passion project with the annual Feel-Good Brands list 2021. This is a curated list of inspirational brands committed to positive change. That could be a product which supports social causes, it might be taking action on environmental issues, or even a technological innovation that’s transforming lives; these are brands that focus on more than just profit.

What makes a feel-good brand?

☑︎ Positive brand purpose, using business as a force for good.

☑︎ Strives to make a positive social or environmental impact.

☑︎ Consciously conducts its business according to its purpose.

As a team of branding experts, we can offer our expertise or opportunities to connect and learn from likeminded people. If you’re a brand builder looking to make your mark, sign-up to the newsletter and get in touch to see if we can help.