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The Brands List 2021

The Feel-Good Brands list showcases the brands that are shaping a better world.

The Feel-Good Brands List

A showcase for the brands that make life better, where consumers can discover and connect with positive brands; these are the ones to watch in 2021, purpose-driven brands on a mission to make a difference.

Feel-Good Brands is supported by a network of brand experts and industry practitioners; individuals and agencies working together to provide content and resources designed to help positive brands accelerate their growth strategy. We host brand workshops and thought leadership events, regularly publishing shareable content and resources on the Insights page.

What makes a feel-good brand?

☑︎ Positive brand purpose, using business as a force for good.

☑︎ Strives to make a positive social or environmental impact.

☑︎ Consciously conducts its business according to its purpose.

How it works

The Feel-Good Brands list is published annually, curated by votes from an independent panel of industry experts and a survey of conscious consumers. Brands do not pay or apply to be considered.

Listed in alphabetical order, these are the ones to watch in 2021; the innovators, the changemakers, the movers and shakers — brands that are working to make our world a better place.