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Velo Culture

We’ve seen a rapid rise in the number of cyclists in recent times. Cycling is undoubtedly a more environmentally friendly way to travel, but what can we do with worn out bike components? How do you prevent old inner tubes and rusty chains going to landfill?

The idea for Velo Culture was born from the pile of punctured inner tubes that had been growing in the corner of a garage in the North of England. Founder, Bev Martin was already a keen cyclist, so in 2013 redundancy presented an opportunity to turn the idea into reality and she took the plunge to become self-employed. Armed with a domestic sewing machine, Bev set about turning her passion for cycling into a viable business.

Velo Culture now produces a whole range of upcycled products, from the Flatty Wallet to the Cake Stop Caddy, their range of accessories offers a durable and sustainable alternative to leather goods.