Posted by Ellie McDaniel
24th September, 2020

Insights botm girls who grind coffee Insights botm girls who grind coffee

Running on girl power

Girls Who Grind Coffee is an all-female coffee roastery. It was created by two friends, Fi O’Brien and Casey Lalonde, after they met at a yoga class. The pair decided to create a brand that empowers women, who are often overlooked at every stage in the coffee supply chain. Their mission is to empower and inspire women in the coffee industry; everyone from farmers to baristas.

At least 70% of the work that goes into producing coffee is carried out by women. They are often the pickers, sorters and labourers, rather than business owners or decision makers, so they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. GWGC is changing the game by sourcing coffee exclusively from all-women cooperatives, they want to celebrate female famers, put their story front and centre and give them much deserved representation.

To take this even further, they have also started an empowerment initiative called Cheek to Cheek which puts 10% of revenue from all of their retail coffee bags back into the pockets of the producers. They believe that paying a premium price for the green coffee just isn’t enough. They want to give back to help producers feel a part of the entire process and empowered members of the team — give these women the kudos they deserve, it seems babes just brew it better!