Posted by Paul Ringsell
23rd July, 2020

Insights botm goodgym ivo gormley Insights botm goodgym ivo gormley

Do good, get fit

GoodGym helps you get fit by combining running with helping out community projects and older isolated people. The concept was born out of frustration with normal gyms and the idea that our energy and human potential could be channelled into helping people. After a year or so of thinking, testing and developing ideas, the project was submitted to Social Innovation Camp in December 2008.

GoodGym’s founder, Ivo Gormley, has since developed GoodGym into a movement of over 20,000 runners in 58 cities and boroughs across the UK and members are making a fantastic contribution to improving quality of life for older people and their local community.

In gyms all over the country people workout furiously; peddling, pushing, lifting, running, but with no external benefits to anyone else. GoodGym makes it easier for people to channel their energy towards social good, making a genuine impact on people’s lives.