Posted by Paul Ringsell
13th May, 2020

Insights botm moju Insights botm moju

The power of nature

It’s not always easy to give your body the natural nutrition that it needs these days. Life is hectic and people are looking for more convenient options when it comes to getting more fruit and veg into their diets — enter MOJU drinks, cold-pressed functional nutrition that really packs a punch.

When MOJU launched in Harrods last year, it was a milestone for founders Rich Goldsmith and Charlie Leet-Cook. They’d spent the previous two years perfecting their recipes and turning a passion project into a range of healthy bottled juices. Having started selling at farmers’ markets at weekends, from a clapped-out VW Golf, they have since transformed their business into a commercial venture backed by private investors.

Moju rich charlie Moju rich charlie

MOJU uses only nature’s most potent and effective ingredients to create their plant-powered juices, all cold-pressed for maximum impact. Their commitment to keeping their shots as close to their natural form means you can have confidence in what goes into your body. That commitment to nature goes beyond the ingredients, they also donate to other causes they believe in. And as proud members of 1% for the Planet, they pledge 1% of annual sales to support grassroots environmental non-profits.

Nature’s ingredients, carefully sourced to support a life on the go. And they taste amazing.