29th August, 2019

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Healthy food in the workplace.

There is a growing awareness that delicious and healthy food is an important factor in keeping energy levels up at work; to provide a stable, ongoing source of energy for a fresh approach to whatever challenges fill the day. But also, on a practical level, it can seem difficult to access healthy, tasty, high-quality food at the office, at an affordable price point.

Into this space comes Feedr, providing a novel approach to that age-old problem of corporate catering. Feedr is a marketplace platform that connects offices effortlessly with the best healthy, artisan eateries available, using technology to build personalised menus, and a smart operations model to group deliveries.

Since 2016, co-founders Riya Grover and Lyz Swanton have been responding to people’s desire for better food in the workplace. The Feedr website features rotating menus, selected from two of its vendors each day. Cloud Canteen allows users to individually place orders up until 10:30am, and have their meals delivered to them collectively, at lunchtime.

The flexible online platform delivers delicious, healthy, fresh food to the workplace for group catering and individual meals, from a selection of 80 curated vendors including; Spice Box, Raw Press, WellFed and Deliciously Ella. Feedr specifically chooses vendors that use fresh and organic produce. They also have options to suit all dietary requirements and 80% of their vendors use 100% recyclable packaging.

Cloud Canteen looks like a great option for companies of all sizes, and also enables businesses to provide a variety of subsidisation models to its workers; a way to give employees an additional healthy perk that also benefits business productivity and the environment.