Posted by Lara Cory
28th June, 2017

Insights harry sowerby Insights harry sowerby

Interview with Harry, Co-founder of British Military Fitness.

“This is NOT a boot camp!” Harry Sowerby, co-founder of British Military Fitness insists that his fitness brand is not about intimidation. “We merely encourage loudly” he smiles.

The premise is simple, military personal need to maintain their fitness wherever they may find themselves, and so highly effective training programmes — that could be done anywhere — evolved to increase speed, strength, agility and stamina.

Colour Serjeant Harry Sowerby (7 Rifles) took this training programme and developed a ‘civilian friendly’ version so that members of the public could access the methods used to train some of the fittest individuals on the planet.

In April 1999, British Military Fitness had its first class in Hyde Park, London. The first session saw just three people turn up. But week by week, the numbers grew as the people being trained told their friends and work colleagues about how great, and fun a BMF work out was, others simply walked up in the park and asked to join in.

“If you can walk and breath, then you can take part in a British Military Fitness class.” Harry believes that whether you join one of his BMF classes or choose going for a walk, everyone should get outside and be active:

1. What values are you most proud of regarding British Military Fitness?
Loyalty, integrity, originality and professionalism.

2. What aspect of the brand's identity is the most important to you?
The connection to the British Military and the Lion Rampant.

3. Describe the feelings/attitudes you hope that your service stimulates for your customers.
A sense of wellbeing and achievement. To enjoy the feeling of team spirit and esprit de corps. Pride.

4. Do you have a secret, bold and wonderful vision for BMF that you would like to see become reality?
Reaching new markets and training the British Military Fitness way. To continue to be the benchmark for all outdoor group activity, inspiring those who feel out of place or left behind by the fitness industry and team sports. Expanding BMF from the parks to more locations like schools and workplaces.

5. What are the most exciting features and/or potential features of digital culture to you?
Reward and retention through development of the BMF app. Leading the way in the digital environment within the fitness industry.

6. For you, what epitomises the phrase ‘Feel-Good Brand’?
The brand in question should make you smile and / or trigger a great memory.

I love seeing the smiles on members faces and meeting people who are or have been members over the past 17 years. They all remember their first class and bib number.

Are you up for the challenge? Find out more at British Military Fitness.