Posted by Ella Price
3rd January, 2018

Insights harry thuillier Insights harry thuillier

Interview with Harry Thuillier.

"Oppo is the sweet spot where health and indulgence unite."

Born out of the desire to show consumers they don't need to compromise their health to enjoy tasty treats, Oppo is on a mission to change the way we indulge. We caught up with Co-Founder Harry Thuillier, to discover what drives his passion for #GoodTemptation.

1. What inspired you to start Oppo?
My brother Charlie and I were in Brazil attempting to break an unofficial record for the longest unsupported distance travelled by kite on land. It took us longer than we planned, and running out of the processed food we had been carrying we turned to local fruits, realising that they were delicious and pretty good for you too. This made us realise that food in supermarkets back home is usually either tasty or healthy, when actually it can be both.

2. What values are you most proud of regarding Oppo?
Having a strong vision and being persistent and resilient in carrying this through. We had to get a lot of people on-side, from factories to designers to supermarket buyers and our team, so this is crucial for any startup business.

3. What aspect of your brand’s identity is the most important to you?
The sweet spot. The inspiration behind the logo is a Venn diagram — because this is how we see Oppo. Oppo is the sweet spot where health and indulgence unite (opposites attract!), and so this has become part of our logo.

4. Describe the feeling you hope that your product stimulates for your customers.
Temptation is everywhere. Oppo is temptation you never need to resist. Being able to indulge without looking like you have makes people feel very good indeed.

5. Do you have a secret, bold, and wonderful vision for your brand that you would like to see become reality?
Our vision is a world where people everywhere can indulge in their favourite sweet treats without compromising health.

6. What are the most exciting features of digital culture to you?
Digital culture is often blamed, and rightly so, for causing people to be addicted to their smart phones, jeopardising their relationships with other people. Look in any restaurant and you’ll see more people on their phones with less eye contact than a couple of years ago. However, the digital world has the power to bring people together and connect those with similar interests. Used in the right way, it has the potential to really bring people together. One example of this is meeting in virtual reality — I’m excited by the prospect that in a few years we’ll be able to sit down, have a coffee and a catch up, and feel like we are 2 feet away from one another whilst actually being thousands of miles away. This will improve the environment with less need to spend time travelling too.

7. Describe what epitomises Feel-Good for you?
Knowing that you’ve found the ultimate temptation you never need to resist! #GoodTemptation ☺

Fancy some #GoodTemptation? Discover Oppo.