Posted by Lara Cory
18th July, 2017

Insights jess titcumb Insights jess titcumb

Interview with Jess Titcumb.

“We are a brand created by our target consumer. All our customers need to do is enjoy, order another and make some great memories!” Jessica Titcumb, Founder of Twisted Halo.

Twenty-something girl about town Jess Titcumb and her team are on mission to say “No” to bland drinks. Tired of the ubiquitous low-calorie vodka, lime and soda, Jess wanted to create an alternative go-to drink for the calorie-conscious consumer. Less than two years later Twisted Halo vodka — containing all natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or added sugar and coming in at a dainty 90 calories per 275ml bottle — is available from, Harvey Nichols and London app Bevy.

1. What values are you most proud of with Twisted Halo?
I am really pleased that we have managed to create a truly authentic brand. We are aimed at a lifestyle-conscious consumer and I was focused on creating a brand that would really connect with our target audience.

We worked hard on our recipe to make sure there was no added sugar and we wanted the design to feel fresh, aspirational and unique.

2. What aspect of your brand's identity is the most important to you?
Balance. We encourage a balanced lifestyle. Sure there's a time for a bottle of wine on date night, but when you want something a bit lighter and not laden with sugar there isn't much to choose from. That’s where we come in. Twisted Halo provides consumers with an alternative that fits in with their lifestyle goals.

3. Describe the feeling you hope that your product stimulates for your customers.
Firstly we hope customers think “Wow this tastes good!” and we want them to feel happy, comfortable and relaxed. We live in an image-conscious society and I know a lot of people are very cautious about their food and drink. How many calories are in this? Is there sugar? Are the ingredients good quality?

We have taken those concerns away for our customers to create a drink they can enjoy without the guilt. We are a brand created by our target consumer. All our customers need to do is enjoy, order another and make some great memories!

4. Do you have a secret, bold and wonderful vision for your brand that you would like to see become reality?
I can’t wait to see the brand being sold internationally. I'm looking forward to that moment when I see customers purchasing the drink in supermarkets. It always gets me when people I don’t know, know about the brand!

5. What are the most exciting features of digital culture to you?
New technology like artificial intelligence means you can engage with consumers on a more personal level. Through tech, we are able to understand consumers better and deliver better products & services.

Recently Uniqlo installed a mirror in their store that creates the illusion that can “change” or “try on” the different colours and fabrics available. Technology for retailers lets you build a stronger relationship with consumers, to understand them and their buying patterns better. It’s fascinating that these advancements are blurring the line between a physical experience and a virtual one.

6. Describe what epitomises Feel-Good for you .
Feel-Good is all about experiences and memories. I love the way music and smell can evoke a memory or experience. Feel-Good is about balance and about feeling free, not restricted or troubled.