36: John Featherby, Founder — Shoremount

Show notes

In this episode we chat to John Featherby about B Corp certification. John’s consultancy firm Shoremount was one of the founding B Corps in the UK. John is an Ambassador for B Lab, and he now helps and supports businesses to join the movement and become certified B Corps. If you’re a brand or business who is considering embarking on your own B Corp certification or if you’re keen to simply find out more, you will find this an insightful episode as John shares some great behind the scenes tips and practical advice.

A few highlights…

  1. The B Impact Assessment is a free public resource for organisations to get better.” (7:20)
  2. “It’s about getting serious about what market place you now exist in [and] being a decent human being.” (14:02)
  3. The mistakes people make when trying to achieve B Corp certification. (28:27)
  4. The importance of involving the whole team in the process. (28:50)
  5. Can B Corp attract investors? (44:25)
  6. “This is an incredible time to be alive [and] to have the opportunity really recreate the economy.” (45:37)


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