38: Duncan Goose, Founder — One Water

Show notes

In this episode we chat to Duncan Goose, founder of One, a water brand with a vision to change lives by giving millions of people across the developing world, access to clean, safe water.

In this episode we discuss…

  1. “There are changes the world has definitely moved on, whether it falls back…” 14:42
  2. “If you’re not a net zero brand within the next couple of years you’re going to struggle to get any form of distribution…” 16:45
  3. “The great debate about packaging is what happens to it end of life…” 23:35
  4. “I think we’ll see an increase in deposit return schemes which the government has been talking about for a long time…” 42:10
  5. “Don’t do cheap carbon as it doesn’t benefit anybody…” 44:42


One Water
Duncan Goose
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