39: Ann Perkins, Founder — Perkier

Show notes

In this episode we chat to Ann Perkins, founder of Perkier, a range of functional snack bars that's shaking up the free-from category, injecting some much-needed joy, colour, hope and goodness into this traditionally uninspiring sector.

In this episode we discuss…

  1. “You are what you eat.” 7:11
  2. “Immunity has been an emerging global trend.” 8:17
  3. “We wanted to put joy and celebration back into the free-from category, it just felt a bit third rate.” 17:55
  4. “We find age and life stage can be a little bit of a distraction because attitudes and behaviours can touch somebody on any stage of their life.” 21:35
  5. “Sustainability for us touches a number of different areas, and packaging is certainly one of them.” 38:05


Ann Perkins
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