40: Hele Väärsi, Founder — 9Plus1

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In this episode we chat to Hele Vaarsi co-founder of 9Plus1 – a newly launched baby-clothes subscription business – with its heart set on giving consumers a more sustainable option when it comes to making choices around clothing babies. Hele shares her experience of launching a business in the middle of a pandemic, the frustrations of getting male VC’s to understand a female-focused business, and the psychology and emotional attachments that we have around ownership of clothes.

In this episode we discuss…

  1. “As grown-ups we can avoid fast-fashion… but with baby clothes no matter what you do you can’t make them wear them for more than a few months.” 3:01
  2. “Maybe ownership is not that important… what does it give to me to own [clothes]?” 9:10
  3. “We keep on talking to people because we can’t build a service without taking into consideration what is actually wanted by the marketing… we let our customers dictate what we do.” 20:40
  4. “The whole process kind of opened my eyes realising how difficult it is for female founders... in a world where VCs are mainly men… [and you’re being told that] your market is only a niche market… we have all been children.” 40:20
  5. "Don’t underestimate the importance of having the right people around you… Don’t be afraid to ask for advice." 44:50


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