41: Emma Vass, CEO — Ecotone

Show notes

In this episode we chat to Emma Vass CEO of Ecotone UK – a B Corp certified business with a portfolio of well-known and much-loved household brands including Whole Earth, Kallo, Clipper Teas and Mrs Crimbles cakes & bakes. During our chat, Emma gives us heaps of fascinating insights from putting people first and working with like-minded individuals, to her passion for biodiversity and ethical supply chains and she also shares her views of how fads turn into hygiene factors and her guiding belief that “striving to do the right thing is also the right choice.”

In this episode we discuss…

  1. “…it's about balancing the choices you have and looking after your people, employees, the communities they working as well as the planet...” 7:50
  2. “I think there is a fear in businesses that we have to be perfect, but I think actually get to the younger generation who are very passionate about doing the right thing and are very passionate about work life balance…” 9:50
  3. “…from a business perspective, there's an awareness now, whether it's through investors or retailers, and other businesses have the importance of doing business in the right way...” 20:17
  4. “…the biggest challenge for the grocery sector is that… it's such a complex issue; climate change, biodiversity, the impact that we're having on people on planet is complex and there are a number of areas where there isn't a black and white choice…” 25:59


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