43: Sara & Maria Trechman, Co-founders — Well&Truly

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In this episode we chat to co-founders and sisters-in-law; Sara & Maria Trechman of Well&Truly, the naughty-ish snack that has taken Tesco by storm and is shaking up the snacking category with its brave new branding – the result of which caused a 300% increase in like-for-like sales. In this episode, Sara & Maria share their hints & tips explaining how important it is to be nimble, how you don’t always have to stick to the original business plan, plus the joys of collaborating and co-creating with grocery buyers, the secrets of good relationships with your supply chain partners and the challenges of dealing with increasing raw material costs and consumers who are keeping an eye on their wallets.

In this episode we discuss…

  1. “Being good all the time gets a bit boring; it's just not sustainable as there too many temptations.” 3:07
  2. “If you are going into F&B it's fundamental that you really believe in the product and that you know there's going to be repeat purchase…” 6:24
  3. “We’ve tried to learn as much as possible, and to be quick at adapting and changing things. It’s really important to accept that as an entrepreneur…” 8:12
  4. “We think the snacking category is going to be increasingly plant-based and it's going to be increasingly allergen-free so it's inclusive for everyone. And, and as we've touched on… there’s going to be a continued very, very strong focus on ethics, sustainability and health.” 29:40
  5. “The packaging wasn't working… so we flipped (our packaging) … I was so worried that we were going to lose all the consumers that we'd built up, that they were going to be emailing us as soon as we've launched going, what have you done? Your bags look horrible. We were worried that we were going to get delisted… But we made the big change…. and we’ve reaped the rewards” 36:22


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