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BECỌ, which stands for Better Considered, was launched by CLARITY, the UK’s oldest social enterprise (founded in 1854) with disabled people making up the majority of its workforce. With a product range of high-quality toiletries, soaps and cleaning products, BECỌ is putting real change in the hands of people across the UK. From the ingredients they pour in, to the benefits that pour back out, they believe every product is Better Considered.

BECỌ launched in 2018, making environmentally friendly toiletries, and 80% of its staff is disabled, visually impaired or disadvantaged. In 2019 the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 8% between January and March, compared with 3.3% for people without disabilities. There are an estimated 1.1 million disabled people in the UK who want to find a job.

The launch campaign began with packaging takeovers in Boots, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, where the labels of BECỌ soap products included the CVs of their employees. Press executions comprised an open letter urging businesses to hire more people with disabilities, including the most relevant CVs for the targeted business. BECỌ is actively inviting businesses to “steal our staff” in an effort to help to close the UK’s disability employment gap.

Keep your eyes peeled for their household cleaning range coming soon…