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Founded in 2006 by Andrew Thomas, BetterYou was the first company in the world to develop a topically applied magnesium and nutritional oral spray, and has been pioneering innovative and dynamic natural health product development ever since.

The brand aims to proactively tackle some of the major common nutrient deficiencies that dominate modern lifestyles, by exploring different methods of delivery. Their commitment to developmental science and absorption research has led them to partner with world-leading research institutions including St Mark’s Hospital in London and Sandwell, the universities of Cardiff and Sheffield, and more.

But what gives BetterYou that extra feel-good factor? The Better Planet Project; an environmental project that focuses on targeting all aspects of their environmental footprint, including the initiatives of their suppliers, growers and retail partners. They are committed to using 100% recycled or carbon negative plastic, that’s 100% recyclable. They help to clean our oceans by collecting plastic and turning them into bottles; removing the equivalent of 2.8 million plastic bags from the seas every year. They are also committed to looking at the future of sustainable plastic manufacture – plant-based plastics made from sugar cane and not fossil fuel so that the plastic is carbon negative.

And BetterYou is not stopping there… we’re excited to watch this project grow.