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At Lush, ethics and goodness are at the centre of everything they do, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Through the production of handmade, natural, plastic-free and animal cruelty-free cosmetics, the British based brand is dedicated to using their buying power to influence change.

Lush uses as little packaging in the shops as possible, giving you the option to buy products without any packaging at all. 90% of the packaging used is recycled and recyclable. They use materials that are produced in a sustainable way and avoid those that aren’t. 70% of their range is self-preserving and they’re continuously looking at new ways to improve on that.

Lush are always working to make their processes more energy efficient. They generate some energy on site and carefully choose who they buy energy from to ensure no fracking companies are supported. Some shops even use bio-mass boilers and LED lighting. And in the UK, they placed a ban on domestic flights. For the flights they do take, they donate £50 to transport and climate groups.

And that’s just skimming the surface. There’s no end to Lush’s commitment to making a positive impact on the planet.