Posted by Ellie Hutch
25th August, 2017

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Elevate energy levels and boost team performance.

Creating a feel-good workplace environment will help to boost productivity and reduce stress. Team motivation and engagement is all down to health and happiness — therein lies the key to motivating and inspiring a more productive workforce.

1. Get physical

Exercise supports a healthy body and mind by increasing the production of endorphins and serotonin. Physical activities can aid concentration and motivation; you feel more energetic throughout the day and sleep better at night. If the goal is to get people moving, then you need to give them options. It’s not always about hitting the gym, it’s important to encourage a range of activities that can be engaging and stimulating for everyone — try setting a competition to see who can clock up the most steps on their Fitbit this week.

2. On your bike

The Cycle to Work scheme has reinvigorated the British cycle market and it’s a great way to engage and motivate your team. Third party providers, such as Cyclescheme, offer a variety of options for staff members to get themselves a new bike. This is not only a tax efficient way to get people moving, but getting outside in the sunshine will boost levels of vitamin D so we’ll all arrive at work feeling happier — win!

3. Sack the sugar

Nutrition plays a huge role in overall health and wellness, but small changes to your workplace environment can make a big difference to peoples’ eating habits. Instead of loading up on refined carbs and sugars, which have been proven to contribute to fatigue and decreased brain function, try encouraging healthy office eating habits that will do the opposite. Foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants provide the kind of nutrition that boosts overall immune health, protecting brain neurons from degeneration and decreasing stress. You could provide fruit at meetings instead of biscuits, or how about fresh healthy snacks delivered to your office by Graze or Fruitful Office?

4. Happy culture

Workplace culture has a tangible impact on business productivity, there’s a clear link between workplace friendships and your team’s engagement level. When a member of the team is relaxed and focussed, rather than overwhelmed and stressed, they have the ability to work more effectively. People who enjoy their work are more creative, more productive, and they go home happier. There are many things you can do to create a more positive culture: take time out to celebrate the wins, show your gratitude and appreciate the effort that people put in — try getting out of the office as a team, do something inspiring and different for the afternoon.

5. Make it social

Great teamwork makes things happen, social activities are a fantastic way to break down barriers and get people working together. People are often more motivated if they can be involved in designing and deciding the activities, but nothing brings your team together like the pain and suffering of a fitness challenge; try floating the idea of a Tough Mudder or Parkrun event to support a local charitable cause — before you know it, you’ll be out-performing the competition. Making these kinds of activities more accessible or affordable to your team is an excellent way to encourage people to lead a more healthy lifestyle; fewer working hours will be lost due to ill-health and everyone goes home happy.

Investing in the grassroots foundation for a feel-good culture will not only unlock your team’s productivity, but also increase their commitment and dedication to the business. This approach will ultimately pave the way for a motivated and enthusiastic team who genuinely embody your company’s feel-good values.