Posted by Sarah Harrison
4th March, 2020

Insights andsisters lucy claire lettice Insights andsisters lucy claire lettice

Say hello to feminine care with a conscience

Since going to market in spring 2018, &Sisters has continued to make waves in the health and wellness industry. Dedicated to changing the lives of thousands of women around the world, &SISTERS is on a mission to tackle period poverty across the globe; changing conversations around women’s health, creating awareness and smashing stigma.

Co-founder, Claire Lettice first became aware of the taboo and hardship surrounding feminine care while travelling through South East Asia in her mid-twenties. At the time it was hard to find sanitary pads, let alone tampons. Unable to afford menstrual products, many women resorted to using leaves, bark, ash, mud, and even animal dung — methods that not only caused serious infections, but were often ineffective.

Twenty years later, feminine care products are still not readily available in some parts of the world. After spending many years working in marketing and branding, Claire decided she wanted to do something that makes a difference. From day one, &SISTERS has been all about empowering and educating disadvantaged women around the world.

Insights andsisters product Insights andsisters product

&SISTERS has not only helped thousands of women achieve a better period, they’re also determined to help preserve the planet. Co-founder, Lucy, daughter of Claire, has previously worked for a zero waste start-up and a chain of health-food stores, so she brings valuable experience on all things healthy and eco.

Today, &SISTERS produces clean, safe, sustainably sourced, recyclable and biodegradable products. The business also donates 10% of profits to help support women’s health, education and economic empowerment across the globe.

Here’s to changing the world, one period at a time!