Posted by Paul Ringsell
1st August, 2021

Insights brand of the month smol Insights brand of the month smol

Big is dead, long live smol

The laundry revolution continues. The idea for smol was conceived by Paula Quazi and Nick Green in 2018, founded on the belief there is a better way to buy cleaning products.

The detergent-to-your-door brand, is now loved by more than a quarter of a million households. They have continued shaking up an industry that has barely innovated for a century and smol has become one of the fastest-growing laundry brands in the UK, powering millions of washes every week.

Insights brand of the month smol products Insights brand of the month smol products

Now taking on the big brands with its super-convenient laundry and dishwasher capsule packs, which are compact enough to be delivered through your letterbox, smol offers convenience and powerful eco-friendly cleaning performance that helps to reduce your impact on the environment.

Since the start of the pandemic, interest in smol’s products has tripled. The business successfully responded to this increase in demand by taking measures that both protect the workers fulfilling these orders and maintain supply levels to minimise disruption.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. High performance, eco-friendly cleaning products conveniently delivered to your home at the best price. It turns out that big is not always best, but we are big fans of smol.