Posted by Laura Williams
19th March, 2021

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Fighting water poverty one bottle at a time

What began with a photograph in The Guardian of a Kiberan girl sitting next to a padlocked tap in Nairobi in 2003, is now a movement that has given clean, safe water to 4 million people worldwide. All because Duncan Goose — Founder of One Water — returned home from 2 years travelling around the globe and decided to put his skills in the advertising world to better use, fighting global water poverty.

Today, the One Brand is best known for One Water, and is a life changing B Corp, funding clean water projects in areas that need it most through The One Foundation. And to date it has raised £20 million, changing the lives of over 4 million people.

The name One represents the idea that you can’t change a billion people’s lives, but if you can change just One that’s a definition of success.

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