Posted by Paul Ringsell
1st November, 2021

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Change the world in two minutes a day.

WeAre8 is revolutionising the advertising industry with their technology platform. Every time you watch a brand video on WeAre8, a direct donation is made by the brands to charities making a positive impact.

Sue Fennessy is a serial tech entrepreneur who has spent the last 30 years creating disruptive businesses in the digital economy. Fuelled by her obsession with the waste and injustice of our 550 Billion dollar global media ecosystem, Sue launched WeAre8 on the belief that when brands value people, respect us and the things we care about, then we can change the world together and have fun doing it.

It’s an exciting concept, using the tremendous power of brand advertising to pay people for their time and to help solve the world's biggest problems. By diverting billions in ad spend away from traditional social media channels, which lines the pockets of billionaires, WeAre8 can channel funding back to people and planet instead. Visit the WeAre8 website to find out more.