Posted by Paul Ringseel
4th January, 2018

Insights enter awards Insights enter awards

Five killer reasons to enter business awards.

Industry awards might not necessarily be high on your list of priorities, but they can be an extremely useful marketing tool that could elevate your brand to the next level. It is important to be selective about awards, try to identify those that will make the most of your resources, but it’s not always about winning. Here are the top five reasons why entering awards can be really good for business:

Marketing and PR

Whether national or local, entering awards is a really effective way to gain free marketing and boost brand awareness. Even being nominated or shortlisted is a great PR opportunity, so be sure to let people know about your achievements and maximise your exposure. Make the most of your accolade by using the award logo on your website and updating all your marketing materials, awards can give you an edge over the competition.

Increased credibility

Being nominated or winning an award is not only a good advert for your business, but being independently recognised and celebrated for your work is also a great way to elevate your position in the marketplace. Award winning brands are immediately perceived to be more credible, trustworthy and established. The award is a fantastic opportunity to show your customers and target audiences that you’re aligned with their values.

Brand differentiation

Becoming an ‘award-winning’ brand is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. Judges might be looking for innovation or growth in a particular product category, so gaining recognition in a specific area could help you to differentiate your brand. Purpose-driven brands can highlight their cause through environmental or community awards. Ethical consumerism is also on the rise, so being able to show off an award logo that celebrates ethical values can be an effective way to attract a growing audience of conscious consumers.

Brand benchmarking

The awards submission process can be a valuable one, forcing you to analyse your business from a different perspective. Whether you win or not, awards are an excellent way to measure your business against industry peers and evaluate the competition. This can be a hugely beneficial process when it comes to identifying areas that could be improved upon, or developing new strategies for growth within your market.

Team Motivation

Winning an award is not just an external thing, an independent award for your work is also a great boost for team moral and confidence. Awards can inspire and motivate your team, helping to build a culture of excellence and attract new talent. Your team will be super-excited to be recognised and appreciated for their endeavours — and there’s nothing like a good night out to celebrate your success.