Posted by Paul Ringsell, Beyond
20th March, 2020

Insights weather the storm Insights weather the storm

Don’t panic, keep rowing and we can weather this storm

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent many businesses into survival mode, feeling paralysed and with no end in sight. But stay positive and plan for the future, because the storm will pass.

Marketing in times of trouble is not for the faint-hearted. In challenging economic times, marketers can be tempted to compromise their brand by offering promotions or discounting their product. The panic response is often to cut marketing spend altogether, which won't save you in the longer term.

Here are some simple tips for maintaining a balanced communication strategy that will help you to see out the bad times and come through the other side:

1. Keep your pricing sensible

Don’t slip into panic mode. Understandably, there will be situations where you need to make some tough decisions that cannot wait for the economy to turn. But you don’t want to appear desperate in a way that could damage the brand, so always keep one eye on the future.

2. Keep marketing turned on

Marketing is your investment in the brand, so don’t hide away while others are talking to customers and offering value. Now is the time to get smarter with your marketing, so turn it off at your peril. Those who switch off now are heading for more trouble further down the line.

3. Make your budget work harder

Think about how you can make the most of your marketing budget. Rather than stick to what seemed to work in the past, think about new and innovative ways to speak to your market — when there’s darkness, get creative and shine your light even brighter.

4. Don’t compromise your brand

Think about how to communicate your offering without compromising the brand. Maintain your brand positioning and integrity, and at the same time build customer loyalty — not by making your product cheaper, but by delivering more value.

5. Review your social strategy

Social is often the place most people turn to when they need customer support. Review your presence on social channels, keep lines of communication open and tell your followers what’s happening; keep them informed and engaged with the brand.

Beyond is still fully operational, we’re doing our best to help our clients weather this storm and come out stronger for it. If you’re struggling and need some clarity, then we may be able to help — sometimes a quick phone call can make all the difference.

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