Posted by Paul Ringsell
29th September, 2021

Insights brand appeal in a crowded market Insights brand appeal in a crowded market

How to generate brand appeal in a crowded (food) market

Brand Talks LIVE webinar

The latest Brand Talks LIVE was a real banger, hosted by Beyond with special thanks to Jason from Bread & Jam and Andrew from Aduna for sharing their perspective and experiences. We were also joined by Brand Director, Andy Brattle, so this turned out to be a really insightful episode.

Whether you’re planning to launch a new product or breathing new life into an established brand, this panel discussion uncovered some fascinating insights on branding, packaging, marketing, consumer insights, investment and much more.

Where are you on your brand journey? If you’re a brand manager or marketer trying to stand out from the crowd, head over to the Feel-Good Brands YouTube channel to watch the full 60-minute webinar 🌮🌯🥙🥗🥪🍕🍱😀