Posted by Laura Williams
4th November, 2020

Insights sustainble drinks packaging garcon wines Insights sustainble drinks packaging garcon wines

Innovations in sustainable drinks packaging

The last year has witnessed unprecedented change across the globe; socially, politically and culturally. The changes have forced brands take new directions and re-evaluate the ways in which they connect with consumers. People have continued to be ever more conscious of climate change and the impact of their purchases. However, heightened hygiene standards fuelled by COVID-19 has brought new challenges to an on-the-go eco-friendly existence. Coffee shops have paused their reuse and refill initiatives and many restaurants have returned to providing condiments in throwaway packaging instead of reusable bottles; heightening the need for brands to source materials with greater recyclability and communicate the benefits with consumers.

According to a YouGov poll 1, commissioned by Ball Corporation, 55% of UK consumers would buy on-the-go water in cans instead of plastic bottles, once aware of how recyclable it is. However, while 73% of UK adults have purchased water in a single-use-plastic bottle, just 8% have bought it in aluminium cans. The difference between intentions and behaviour is mainly down to convenience, with 42% saying that a lack of packaging alternatives was the reason for their decision 2. It’s up to drinks brands to rethink their packaging and offer more convenient, eco-friendly alternatives that are still on-the-go.

In a bid to make on-the-go purchases more planet-friendly, drinks brand CanO Water provide water in eco-friendly resealable canned packaging. Meanwhile, Garçon Wines are changing the future of wine packaging with multi award-winning, flat bottles which utilise smart cross-section designs of the traditional wine bottle shapes to save space and substantially lower carbon footprint. Each bottle is made from pre-existing, recycled PET — not single-use plastic — to save energy and weight and ensure that plastic already in circulation is put back to good use. In fact, the bottles are so slim that they can be posted through your letterbox – reducing the risk of second visit deliveries if you’re not in to receive the parcel. In a recent Brand Talks podcast, CEO and Co-founder Santiago Navarro, discusses his journey to inventing sustainable, multi award-winning, eco, flat wine bottles and the need for businesses to prioritise triple bottom line sustainability.

Today it’s important for brands to work hard to educate and demonstrate that convenience and ethics aren’t mutually exclusive.


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